About us

After years of wandering around with the idea of bringing a new hot sauce to the Aruban market, the decision finally fell in 2007. This became the year of planning and a lot of research on processing, bottling and of course the so interesting world of hot peppers. Putting together a list of ingredients we started cooking, testing and tasting over and over again. After creating different sauces with different taste and heat levels, we could not make up our minds on which to use for the final product. So we decided to not produce one but three hot sauces.

In the mean time labels and logos were designed and printed and bottles were ordered. A spacious backyard garage was converted to a modern and professional kitchen.

In the beginning of 2008 the sauces were ‘polished and fine tuned’ and march 7 we proudly completed our first sale to a major local supermarket. Aruba heat sauces are always prepared with high quality ingredients without the use of any preservatives and are made every time in small batches to maintain better quality control. Aruba Heat sauces are produced, bottled and distributed in Aruba by Imports 2000 N.V.